Tu Casa Latina

We hear about domestic violence and abuse in the news everyday. We hear about sexual, verbal and physical abuse, and a large percentage of abuse is targeted at women. If an American citizen is abused, he or she can go to the police and file charges right away.

But what happens when the individual who is being abused is an illegal immigrant?

“Will I be deported?” “Will I be arrested when I am the one who is being abused?” “What if they don’t take me seriously?”

These are the questions that may race through an undocumented person’s head if they are dealing with domestic violence or human trafficking. That person may be scared and therefore feel trapped and helpless.

However, there is a way out.

Tu Casa Latina “is a nonprofit organization geared toward helping all immigrant women, men and children who are victims of domestic violence or other crime in Northern Nevada,” (Tu Casa Latina). The organization provides emergency services such as a U Visa or T Visa. A U Visa is a visa that will be approved quickly for undocumented women that are being abused. Alike the U, a T Visa is for women and children that are victims of human trafficking. Although these services are offered many places, Tu Casa Latina is here to be a safe place and let victims know that they will be taken care of.

In addition to the emergency visas, Tu Casa Latina also offers education on becoming a citizen and applying for the necessary visa. The organization can also help victims find necessities such as a place to stay or counseling.

After sitting down with Xiomara Rodriguez of Tu Casa Latina, she wants undocumented abuse and trafficking victims that their organization is a safe place. A lot of victims won’t speak up about their abuse because they are undocumented and Rodriguez wants them to know that it’s okay, there are resources.

For more information on Tu Casa Latina visit their website at  tucasalatina.com.

Alto a la violencia.

Stop the violence.


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