Reno Zombie Crawl 2014

IMG_5870It’s one of the many bar crawls that the city of Reno offers, the Reno Zombie Crawl. Every year the Zombie Crawl brings in over 20,000 crawlers, that walk from bar to bar throughout downtown Reno. On October 25, for five dollars, an attendee was given a cup, and a discount at the 58 bars and restaurants that were on the crawl list.

Starting at eight PM, crawlers began their night at different locations such as Harrah’s or Silver Legacy. Several bars offered three dollar drinks and beers for those with a Zombie Crawl Cup. In addition to all the drink deals, bars such as Brew Brothers in the El Dorado, had contests such as “Scariest and Most Creative Costume” or “Most Gruesome Costume.”

In addition to the flowing drinks, crazy costumes and contests, there were DJs and live music at the bars on the crawl list. Bars also got into the Halloween spirit by offering themed shots like “Zombie Blood” or “Zombie Slayer.” IMG_5878

An hour before the crawl started, people of all ages were invited for a flash mob underneath the Reno arch. A thousand individuals gathered an hour before the crawl to perform the “Thriller” dance. The dance kicked off the crawl and afterwards, everyone was invited to eat at local restaurants. Those 21 and over, began their bar crawl.

According to the Reno Zombie Crawl website, people from various locations attended the crawl. To accommodate the thousands of crawlers, hotels such as the Sands Regency and Silver Legacy, offered deals for those from out of town.

“It’s a great opportunity for small businesses to bring in costumers and get their name out there,” said crawler Taylor Henderson.

IMG_5873The ending point for the crawl was the El Dorado Hotel. Several bars and restaurants inside the hotel were open and offered various drink specials. In front of Brew Brothers, zombies, superheroes and girls dressed as animals patiently waited for locally brewed beer and gambled the money they had left.

Overall, the 2014 Reno Zombie Crawl was a success not only for the attendees but the businesses involved. For other bar crawls that are offered in Reno, check out In February 2015, Reno will be hosting the Valentine’s Pajama Crawl and in March, the Leprechaun Crawl. As for Henderson, this year’s crawl was an unforgettable experience.

“I cannot wait for the next Zombie Crawl, it’s going to be a blast.”

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